Paladars in Havana

Small private family run restaurants were always popular in Cuba, but with the departure of the USSR in the 90′s and the subsequent economic downward crisis, licenses were granted to these private home restaurants. Some of them have the best food in Cuba. 
Last night we dined at La Cucina de Lilliam one of the oldest Paladars and one of the most famous. We were served champignons, then stuffed crepes, the Cuban version of prosciutto, lamb, a type of sweet potato- mashed and roasted potatoes, fresh vegetable salad, and on and on. They had wines from Chile and Argentina that were respectable. I rate it a a very good choice. Today we had lunch at another paladar near the oldest cathedral in Havana, La Mondena Cubana. I had a wonderful grilled snapper and daiquiris all through lunch. 

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