Whitworth ~ Reason for Using a Travel Agent

The world is a big place with great adventures hidden in every corner. Here is 7 reasons to use a travel advisor.

  1. A Good Travel Advisor Is Experienced and Educated.

    Nothing is more important that knowing your business. You benefit from what they know. Travel tips in all parts of the world will reap huge rewards.

  2. Clout, Influence, Sway, Pull, Authority.

    No matter what you call it, a good travel advisor has developed good relationships with the people and companies they represent. A continuing business relationship is bottom line with these companies. They want that next visitor.

  3. The Fixer

    In this day of uncertainty, unexpected events happen. A delay or other minor detail can cause havoc on a well planned trip. Travel suppliers value a good travel advisor more than they do the customers. That travel advisor can bring them more business. They have more influence and can stand up for you.

  4. Savings

    The best travel advisors have unique access to benefits that can save you a lot of money and provide you with a better experience: free room upgrades, spa credits, food and beverage credits are just a few of the things that travel advisors can get, that you can’t.

  5. Time Savings

    Searching the web for the best price or a great room deal takes a lot of time. A good travel advisor has the experience and knowledge for the detailed research you must have.

  6. The Latest and Greatest

    Travel is their business. A good travel advisor gets a thrill out of finding the newest resort or flight convenience. They spend most of their free time keeping up with what's new.

  7. Ongoing Relationship

    Once you find a good professional, whether it a doctor, lawyer or mechanic, you value the convenience of that relationship. Over time, they know you and what your needs are. This is valuable when planning a detailed trip.