Whitworth ~ Virtuoso


White Glove


Virtuoso® is a worldwide network of travel advisors associated with over three hundred travel agencies in twenty countries. Each Virtuoso professional is a specialist in connecting travelers to the world’s best vacation destinations. Catherine Whitworth is proud to be part of this elite travel planning community.


The individual experience of a Virtuoso travel advisor and their ability to network with other equally talented advisors ensures you of the most satisfying travel experiences, designed to meet your specific needs. And when you plan your next travel experience with a Virtuoso travel advisor, you are automatically entitled to additional benefits. From room upgrades and complimentary meals to private tours and limousine transfers, the Virtuoso name opens doors and behind-the-scenes access to many vaction sites and events not available to the general public—all at no additional cost.


Among all travel professionals, just one percent of agencies worldwide are invited to join the Virtuoso family of luxury travel experts. Virtuoso agents are passionate about travel and their travel experience ensures clients the very best in luxury travel. Like a valued investment manager, Virtuoso travel advisors are entrusted with managing the most valuable of assets – your leisure time. They know your travel preferences, which eliminates risks and results in satisfying experiences. From archaeological digs to kayaking, from countryside walks to wildlife safari adventures–Virtuoso travel advisors know the world and all the ways for you to discover it. They have intimate knowledge of the hotels, resorts, cruise lines, tour companies, and destinations they recommend.